Sunday, November 16, 2014


Whoa, I did not intend to take a two-week break from the blog! So what have I been up to? 

Hanging pictures 

Staying in front of peanut butter hands 

Hanging more pictures 

Hanging plates 

Hanging panels 

Researching bearded dragons as pets - anyone have experience with this?? (Yes, Edward is asking for a real "dragon-lizard" after seeing one at the science museum.  So glad he's too young for Game of Thrones. He also wants to name it Chris, which I told him might confuse the dragon since his brother's name is Christopher) 

Thinking of ordering new stockings 

Choosing a new fabric for my cornices (finally, they should be ready soon!)

Considering fabric for my dining room chairs (which I'm not actually changing anytime soon) 

Trying to get a good picture for our Christmas cards 

Not sitting down 

Drinking coffee (Thanks for the perfect mug Sister Meredith) 

Trying not to let my inbox freak me out about Chritmas shopping 

Styling Dinosaur Photoshoots and channelling my days playing Barbie to bring Edward the magic of Dinovember 

And finally, spending the better part of two-weeks remembering a wonderful time in my life. 

That was likely the biggest contributing factor to my strange bout of writer's block and subsequent break (I mean, really, this isn't The New Yorker). Hopefully I can bring you some links tomorrow and more on a lot of this stuff next week! 

Friday, November 7, 2014

Have a lovely weekend!!

*Oscar de la Renta's Bedroom (blue heart emoji!) 

Oh boy, it's been a hectic week! Lots of steps on my Fitbit despite not actually exercising.  Thank you for all of your comments and suggestions on the few posts I did manage to get up this week.  As usual, you were really, truly helpful and always sweet! Y'all are the best! 

Have a lovely weekend!
Furniture in the master bathroom when you don't have space for an extra piece.  
(Thank you, Rebecca, for the link in the comments!!) 

I will definitely be popping into the newly renovated Panache Chocolatier next time I'm on the Country Club Plaza - just the organized walls alone are like a little slice of Heaven. And the chocolate ...

My friend Tobe's Master Bedroom ORC Reveal proves just how awesome she is.  It is so cool! 

Another awesome ORC Reveal that I would not have seen if not for your comments! (Thanks again, Rebecca!)

OMG The Pink Pagoda's ORC is soo good.  No words.  Just click and swoon.

Pretty blue and white curtains

Possible drapery fabric for the wood paneled library? 

Looks like the kids are getting penguins for Christmas this year!

My blog friend Tina's Enchanted Home was on a TV Show that I'm probably going to have to start watching now! 

I love this cream and tweed outfit inspiration

Loving Leather Lately (that was fun)

* I just found out my former dance teacher, Miss Dorothy, passed away. Dallas friends reading this will remember her from her days at the Park Cities YMCA and then PCPAC. She was a tiny little force from Boston who had an intense passion for her art and her students. She had such a profound impact on my confidence during a time when most of us need a little boost (side-eye middle school). In a former life, I wanted to be a professional dancer and she always made me believe that was possible.  I didn't get a chance to tell her all of the positive things she did for me so I just wanted to take a moment here to honor her light. 

My little sister doing her best in Miss Doffee's Tiny Dancer's Class

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Antiques in the Ladies Room

So y'all, I'm kicking myself.  I let this pretty little cabinet get away.  I usually don't stress too much about this kind of thing, but this is one time I really wish I had been a little more impulsive.  I found it at this super cute little antique and gift shop called Charm located near me in Martin City, MO.  It's only open on Thursdays and by the time I returned the following Thursday the piece had been sold.  Darn!

I was hoping to put it in our master bathroom next to my vanity.  I love the dainty legs and the big glass doors.  I've always loved the look of antique (or antique-looking) furniture in a bathroom. 



I'm leaning toward something small with glass doors like in the the 2nd and 4th images.  While we have quite a bit of storage in our overall bathroom space, I need something next to my vanity area: a.) to get things off of the floor where little curious hands might be lurking, b.) to get everybody out from under my feet while I'm trying to cover my dark circles and pull my hair back into a ponytail, and c.) because it is part of my overall vision for the bathroom/lounge/oasis I will be creating when I get the green light - and you know how powerful a vision can be.  

Soo I'm on the hunt. 

** Side Note: The bathroom has become the place where things go to never be found.  A typical conversation in our house might go:

"Where's the spatula?" 
"Oh, it's probably upstairs in our bathroom."
"Well, the baby was playing with it in the kitchen and I had to bring him and his death grip upstairs to get dressed."

One time The Suze walked in and almost fainted.  She was like, "I need to help you clean up this mess!!!" I tried to explain that everything on the floor had a purpose and could not be moved.  You see an inflatable cow, salad tongs and and a paint brush on the floor and call it a mess.  I call it putting on eyeliner and mascara.  Winning!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Moodboard Monday: Master Bedroom Ikea Hacks (Do I dare?)

Hello y'all!

First, let me present to you my very first Ikea Hack.  Since Kansas City just got an Ikea, I thought I'd try and be like all of the real bloggers and do something hacky.  But since I like to keep the bar low for my DIY projects, I didn't get too creative. 

I actually 100% copied Beth over at Chinoiserie Chic because I trust her taste. She gold-leafed the Vittsjo desk as part of her One Room Challenge project (see link above)  Her's looks way better than mine.  I got a little impatient at the end.

So here's mine:

I used some of my favorite gold scalloped paper from Paper Source on to the little platform that hangs below the desk.  

It looks way better than before, despite my sort of lazy leafing skills.  It's a little small for my desktop (it's a laptop desk), and at the end of the day it's still an Ikea desk that was $40, which means one crash from a flying child, and we may be looking at a new computer, which is why it's tucked away in a dark corner of our sitting room. 

The old computer desk is now in our bedroom, which you will see in a minute. 

But first, you, may have seen on my Instagram over the weekend that I solved the dining room buffet issue.

And just for giggles, the first night of Dinovember: 

I moved* a buffet from our bedroom (I know, sounds weird) to the dining room and it ended up being perfect!  I was stressing a little after I sold the china cabinet.  I didn't realize I had such expensive taste in dining furniture. 

* I did not actually move anything.  I had some other things that I needed to have hauled off (the most gigantic big screen tv unit that anyone has ever seen) so I ended up using this company called College Hunks Hauling Junk after comparing prices.  Aside from being slightly embarrassed to have a giant truck with the word College Hunks in my driveway, they were really great. They moved everything like it was no big deal and then let me ask them questions all about hoarders.  I'm not on the slippery slope to a hoarding intervention.  I asked them. 

I now have a little (kinda big) issue, that is, what to do with the big empty wall across from our bed.  

Since I have 1,012 other things I want to do in my house right now, I have the budget of a husband who is trying to pretend he doesn't hear you.

This is what I want to do:


Cream and grey built-ins with a center dresser under the TV.  But that is a BIG project (see previously mentioned budget) so I'm going to either find some things to paint from the consignment shops


(this is where I bring it back full circle)

Hack some more IKEA stuff!  Seeing as I am an expert and all.  With the genius invention of O'verlays by my friend Danika of Gorgeous Shiny Things, it shouldn't be that difficult right? (famous last words). 

Master Bedroom Ikea Hacks (Do I dare?)

I'm probably crazy to consider this, but I have to say, I would love to start a project and finish it exactly how I want it.  I'm feeling the need to create something other than a sandwich and an expertly loaded dishwasher. 

 22 Life Lessons From Ramona Singer


Friday, October 31, 2014

Have a Safe and Spooky Weekend!

Happy Halloween (Lord, please let this day be over soon).  One of my children got into the Halloween candy and if we make it through this day without a serious injury, I will be relieved.  Anybody remember Phillip the Hyper Hypo skit from SNL?  That's my child right now.  But really, nothing is cuter than the Littles all dressed up, running from house to house to get candy like it's their job.  Anyone have any awesome costumes this year?! My little niece is going as a white witch and dare I say she looks incredibly chic.  Edward is either going to be a lion or a monster and the baby is probably just going to be a pumpkin instead of the adorable abominable snow monster that he has clearly vetoed.  Here's to a safe evening for everyone! TGIF! 

The Huffington Post named Kansas City the Coolest City in America

Tomorrow is Nov. 1 a.k.a. the first day of DINOVEMBER
(I had no idea the couple behind this fun bit of magic is from Kansas City!)

National Geographic Magazine once called it a "Time Capsule of the South"

Just the most awesome birthday party ever for so many reasons #joychangeslives

I have a love/hate with turtlenecks, but I'll give this one a try perhaps

These Thanksgiving cups make me LOL

Going to try this creamy broccoli soup too

 Home as a Haven - I love this

I am so excited to see this custom pagoda lantern

The lovely Kerry Steele for Serena & Lily - #thingsIwantformyhouse

A gorgeous Blue & White Pinterest board from my Pinterest Soulmate

These Old Navy pants are soo comfortable & kind of stylish for running errands and chasing kids

Have a Spooky Weekend!!! 

scared animated GIF

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Birthday Blues (and Whites!)

No birthday blues here!  I had a fabulous day.  I'm still recovering from an epic wedding weekend in Chicago, which I will share more about when I have sleeping kiddos.  But for now I wanted to share a few blue and white birthday gifts that I'm super excited about.

Wedgwood Pearlware "Flow Blue" Dinner or Cabinet Plate Circa 1855-69

My in-laws gave me this wonderful plate to add to my collection of blue and white.  It's from an antique shop in Charleston called Geo C. Birlant & Co that I'm going to have to add to my list of shops to visit next time I go. 

I love the cobalt color and the deliberate blurred effect that this type of glazing created, a style known as Flow Blue  Not only did I get a pretty plate to display, but I also learned something new!*

* I should probably learn more about blue and white if I'm going to be obsessed with it.  The other night I was discussing my love of blue and white with my friend's mother-in-law, who is an antiques dealer in Charleston, and she asked me which kind I loved the most.  I knew what she meant, but I had no answer.  I'm like, "all of it.  Just all blue and white."  Then I recovered by adding "particularly chinoiserie." 

Right now it's sitting on my mantle with some of my other favorite blue and white pieces.  (The mantle is about to get a new look.  Hint: remember this post).

My mom gave me these gorgeous flowers from Flowers by Emily, a local florist here in Leawood, KS, who always does gorgeous arrangements.  

You can see a little bit more of two of my presents in the picture above.  First, The Suze is having pillows made for my family room in this fabric that we both fell in love with from Colefax and Fowler.

Then you may notice the little ticket glimpse.

One guess.

Mayybe I photoshopped my face ... not sure why it's purple.


Kip got me Britney tickets for my birthday!

I cried.

Not because of Britney (yes because of Britney), but because it was so thoughtful. 

He wins.

Kip, this is your prize**.  Your face next to mine on one of the greatest couple outfits of all time worn by Britney and JT.  You're welcome.  You can frame it and put it in your office. 

** Apologies if my husband ever runs for office and this picture starts to make the rounds.  And by apologies, I mean apologies to his opponent for not thinking of it first. 

Finally, not really a birthday present, but still pretty awesome (and blue and white), LET'S GO ROYALS!!!!