Thursday, April 21, 2016

Like Buatta

Well hello!

I sat down today.

The last time I did that was January 30th.  

I know that because that was the last time I blogged.  I had a great post where I hilariously blame my two-year-old for all that I am not able to do right now, but then I looked at my five-year-old and remembered, "oh yeah, you live here too!"  Just kidding. I pay equal attention to both my kids. And my two-year-old boss erased my post. Imagine that? 

So I hope you forgive me for leaving you hanging ... for months.  That's how I roll these days.

Can I tell you how I want to roll?

That's right, waist deep in chintz, caftans and martinis made by someone else.  Yes, with the return of Southern Charm comes the return of Beclaire House ... hopefully.  If I can get it together.  But I'm feeling inspired so that's always a good thing and I'm looking at magazines.  Opened ones with pictures. 


I'm sorry, I got distracted by the pretty floral chair in the background of the picture above.  I want one (six and a sofa).  I have plans for at least one! 


Y'all, I swear, you never know where or when you will be inspired. That's something that I always get excited about when I'm in those beige seasons of zero inspiration. A couple of weeks ago, I took a trip to Florence, South Carolina to celebrate my bestie college roomie's baby shower.  She has a crisp apple green living room, too.  It's awesome. 

This picture doesn't really do it justice at all. 

While we were there, we stayed at her in-laws' house, and it is exactly what I thought my house would look like some day.  It was definitely not trendy, but it was happy and pink and flowery.  It was the kind of place that I would imagine raising boys. It was just very lovely.  Very Mario Buatta.  I've been explaining Mario Buatta to all of my girlfriends who watch Southern Charm. I'm still trying to imagine the moment that they decided to put him on the show.  I really hope he's on again this season.  For me, it's like two worlds colliding - great, great television.  

Sooo I hope to pop in here a little more now that I am actually back in the business of spending all my money on paint samples and fabric.  

Speaking of, I just found 15 yards of this pretty greenish bluish Schumacher fabric, which I bought for $10/yard! 

So I'm not really spending money if you really think about it.  I'm actually saving money.  

Anyway, if y'all are reading, hi! Here are some pretty chintzy pics just for you since you made it all this way down the page.

via Carolyne Roehm's Pinterest (I love a torn out magazine page)

Classic Mario Buatta

Marryat Court
                                                       Photo by Holly Phillips @ The English Room

Georgia Greek Revival
                                                         Photo by Historical Concepts 

Mario Buatta on Southern Charm via my post last year on a topic over which I spend too much time discussing.

Saturday, January 30, 2016


Despite my blog absence, I have been incredibly inspired lately! As promised earlier, here is essentially what's floating around in my head (in no particular order):

J. Wilson Fuqua

Two-toned monogram

This lake house is perfect.  See more here


J. Wilson Fuqua

Kitchen Sunroom Bump Out

Organized Walk-in Pantry with a sink

Pretty Light Basement (imagine blue and white ginger jars in place of the guitars) 

Monogrammed Little Bean Bonnets! (available at Madre Dallas

And the jolliest Little Peter Pumpkin Bean - my nephew, who's fills my heart with love and joy and sugar and dumplings 


It's me. 

I was wondering if after all these weeks you'd like to read (my blog) 

To go over everything

(Cue my kids screaming in the back of the car for me to stop singing Adele, which is virtually impossible)

Soo about that blogging more resolution. 

I used to be pretty good at managing my time, way back when I didn't have two tiny saboteurs interrupting me for snacks every 10 minutes.  They're cute and cuddly so I often get distracted just trying to get them to give me hugs. 

AND (I buried the lead here), I got my hands on an embroidery machine. Yep. My very own. I'm still learning how to use it. I play around with it during the 3 spare minutes a day that I'm allowed to myself. (I could probably take 5 minutes, but when you hear the sound of a dining chair scooting across the hardwood floor downstairs you, you know it's time to make an appearance. 

So I just wanted to check in and say hi. We are good. All is well in crazytown (seriously, Kip and I looked at each other at dinner last night and said, "what is happening?"). I'm looking forward to a weekend of cleaning the house (monogramming) and catching up on magazines and blog posts. Come back later today for a post chock-full of pretty pictures and no words! Scouts honor! 

P.S. If you love texting, but don't feel that double question marks and exclamation points are getting through to people, get the Bitmoji app.  It will change your texting game. 

Thursday, January 7, 2016


I see you gorgeous powder room! We must get together again soon.  Probably after all occupants of my house are potty-trained.  But, yes, we must get together soon.  

* image via Veranda 

P.S. Have y'all seen the latest issue of Veranda? It's Oprah-voice good.  

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A Marble Moment

* Well, I haven't posted everyday, but I have been writing.  Yesterday, we finally launched The Birthday Party Project - Kansas City with our first party celebrating January birthdays! It's kept me busy the last few days and I cannot wait to tell you all about it on Friday! 

As promised some more inspiration for our master bathroom.  Many of these are still "only in my dreams" (singing the Debbie Gibson song in my head now), but I say, go bold with your dreams.

*All of these are from my Ideabook.  Click the picture to go the source.

Clearly, I have a type.  

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Year!

One of my New Year's resolutions is to blog more. I think that was my resolution last year, too, but I was all talk and no plan. I still don't have much of a plan for this year, except to sit down and write every day.  I almost failed on Day 1 - I mean, it is 11pm - but I'm here before midnight (oy vey, a day late and a dollar short- the uszh).

However,  I will be back to the blog more this year, if not every day. I have been so inspired lately and can't wait to share all of my ideas and loves with y'all.  This year I'm really hoping to finish up our master bedroom and bathroom so I can have a saaaanctuaarryy (said with drama).  I have visions of having a bathroom so fabulous that everyone wants to hang out in there with me and drink champs.

 Kind of like Heather Dubrow.

Soooo I'm throwing Miles Redd's mirrored bathroom (top image) out there as an option.  I just need to find a contractor who doesn't laugh when I show him that picture and say "do that."  Actually, scratch that.  It would never work.  You put a 2 year old and a 5 year old in front of a mirror and they will for sure turn into slobbery lizards/scientists who want to know what exactly will stick to it on any given day.*  Nope too much temptation.  And it'll tap into one of my very, very few OCD stressors - smudge on mirrors.

* Today, I actually found my boys with their faces and tongues smashed up against the display window at Crate and Barrel.  It's a huge window that looks out over a busy intersection and there they were.  I had to "count to 5" in my super stern whisper just to get them to stop, which is always embarrassing because I know I don't sound as scary as I hope I do.

I could do this though!

I mean, who wouldn't want that to be their bathroom.

Here's one of my all time faves.  I feel like I would need a house in Charleston or New Orleans to pull this off though.

Oops I went back to the mirrors.  So glam.

This sink.  The floor.  The perfect size arched doorway. The wall color.  The timeout chair for me so I don't have to sit on the actual potty to hide.  Genius.

This one looks pretty heavenly.  I bet their view is pretty.  I'm trying to figure out how to get a fireplace in my bathroom.  Kip seems to think you have to have some sort of ventilation system like a chimney.  I say, "minor details."

Anyway, cheers to a fabulous 2016! I'll be back soon with my real bathroom inspiration!

Ok, hopefully this was a good set up so that when I show Kip all of the fancy finishes I want in my bathroom he'll actually be relieved.