Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Last Night I Sat Down ...

So I took a picture to remember the moment. 

Two little boys can keep a girl busy! They're at really fun ages though, 5 and 2, so it's good busy and I don't want to miss anything. 

I like to stand outside and stare at the house while Honey Bear watches for trucks and listens for trains and airplanes.  I found some gorgeous hearty mums for sale at this roadside farm stand. They were such a deal that I filled the car with them (and Kip looked on with fear in his eyes).  Now I just need some more pumpkins (and a reminder to turn off my front porch lights). 

Having an emergency clown nose in my purse is now a thing I have to remember.

But that's ok because suddenly they turn 5. 

That's a picture of Shannon Beador's bathroom on my TV.  Not creepy at all. 

That marble though. 

Speaking of marble, are those marble steps?  That's one of the few pictures I snapped while I was in Charleston celebrating my sister's bachelorette weekend! (Saying lots of prayers for my friends in South Carolina right now). 

9 weeks until her big day and we are so excited! 

And finally, I'm even more excited than Buddy to share this:

My friends and I have been working hard to bring this wonderful organization to the homeless children of Kansas City. Our first party is in January! I will post updates  on our progress in my Friday links, but if you want to learn more about this organization and how you can help, pleas visit or send me an email! 

So now that we're all caught up (and I have Internet back - seriously, I'll spare you the rant, but AT&T gets a big side-eye right now) we can get back to the business of pretty houses. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Happy National Coffee Day!

Oy vey! I miss the blog! Things are semi-settling down around here. I've been super busy getting the boys back to school, planning my sister's bachelorette party in Charleston (it was the most fun!), recovering from said party, planning Edward's 5th birthday party (also fun), organizing toys (always) and trying to remember which kid starts school when (only mildly successful). But now that it's OMG almost October (what?!) I think I can build in a coffee break to share some pretties with my best blog friends. Hope you all are well! xo

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

White Marble Kitchen

Ooh that marble is pretttay!

Bethesda Kitchen & Bath Designers Bradford Design LLC via Houzz

I love the pretty baby blue leather chairs in the background.  While my personal preference is for a little less ornate cabinet decoration, I appreciate that they kept it modern with the stark white paint (there it is again) and I love the idea of furniture-like cabinets in the kitchen.  I love the knobs and the use of chicken wire in the "less formal second kitchen" (second to last picture).  I bet this was a fun one to design.

And, again, that marble ....

* See More of this Kitchen Here

Monday, August 24, 2015

Blue Lacquer Butler's Pantry Makes Me Lose My Cool

I was up late the other night browsing the internet when I came across the Holy Grail of blue lacquer butler's pantries.  Yes, it's a thing, searching for blue lacquer butler's pantry holiness, and I found it.  It's in a fabulous Greenwich, Connecticut home by architect Douglas Vanderhorn.

Somebody was all "hey let's make a butler's pantry that will make people go bananas when they see it."  If I had known about this place 5 year's ago, I would have gotten married in this very butler's pantry, and it's future replica in my own home would be part of our wedding vows.  

There are other rooms in the house that are equally, if not more, fabulous.  But c'mon, that pantry deserves some dramatic praise.  

Behold, my dream dining room. 

Cue Debbie Gibson "Only in my Dreams"

Well this kitchen is pretty much perfect as far as I'm concerned.  It even looks real, like people live there and use it.

Bright white for the win. 

Again with the bright white room, I just love it.  It's like you're inside a marshmallow, a fancy marshmallow with beautiful french doors and perfect paneling.  My kids would never be allowed in here.  I'd be all, "go to the basement little rascals!" 

But it's not mean when this is your basement.  I would send myself down here.  I love this basement so much.  It's so cozy and my kids would love those nooks.  I would love those nooks.  Actually, everybody would love those nooks because who doesn't love a good nook.  

* images via Dering Hall (go visit, there's more!)

Friday, August 21, 2015

Have a Lovely Weekend!

Pretty from The Suze's House - Missing Home

Hello Friends! At the risk of sounding like an angsty mommy-blogger,  I'm going to just put this out there: I'm over August.  The kids don't go back to school until September and they are both soooo over me, but as much as they don't want to have anything to do with me, they also can't leave my side.  It's like the winds have changed and everyone has completely lost their mind, especially me.  I'm only saying this because I'm confident 99% of my mom friends feel the same way based on conversations we have ... with our eyes ... because No, you may not crawl in the parking lot! Seriously, get up, that's so dangerous!  Look now your brother's doing it! Stop. No. Ok, you, stand right there, next to the car.  Touching the car.  No, with your hand, not your face.  DO NOT lick it, pleaase.  Yes, I see the dragon in the clouds, that's so cool, but seriously you cannot lie down in the street ever.  What?  No, we are not getting a toy today.  

The good news is, I can adjust my attitude.  With wine.  Just kidding.  But seriously, I'm going to try because Lord know I can't rely on my 2-year-old to pull it together.

Now, enjoy these linkies!

This Letter from a Mom to her Kids about Their "Summer Behavior" made me LOL

Back to School Napmats - And you can have them monogrammed!

Ballard is now selling these blue and white placemats I blogged about here - I use them every day!

I just ordered this Vintage French Reptiles print for Edward's room 

A Bunch of Movie Kitchens a la our favorite Nancy Myers 

I love India Hicks, especially when she gives me the wedding details I'm really interested in  

I love the happy, young Chicago apartment of Summer Thornton

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Love & Itchies

I love this.

I first spotted it on The Foo Dog Blog, which quickly jumped to the very top of my blog reading list (I mean, everything she posts is amazing).  This vignette belongs to a whole house of awesomeness (see here), but this image just burned itself into my tiny, shriveled little brain (see this sentence), and is stuck there.

And now I have an itch ... an itch I can't scratch.

It may involve Scalamandre Shanghai wallpaper, which I love so much I actually have a sample framed (I know, dork), but really I think it's more about painting everything white - real white.

Like this white.

Entry of Michael Bruno, founder of 1stdibs, is Benjamin Moore Decorator's White 

or maybe more like this ...

No, I want bright white like this ...

Benjamin Moore White Dove (Kitchen featured in At Home Arkansas via here, which has lots of white paint color ideas)

It's just so fresh and so clean.


Monday, August 17, 2015

A New Favorite Flower

Pardon my disappearance last week. Kip was out of town for 7 days so we were in "party mode" at our house. Apparently, that means I go to the grocery store every day because I can't possibly think beyond the next hour (especially when they play the "how loud can my voice get?" game). 

On one such outing, I took a chance and ventured past the balloon section of the grocery store (also known as the flower section) and came upon the prettiest, ruffliest pale peachy pink carnations. This is my absolute favorite flower color. If I see a bouquet of this color in a room, I immediately get cartoon heart eyes. I had no idea carnations came in this color!  So my dears, carnations have quickly shot right to the top of my list of favorite flowers. Right next to peachy pink roses, peonies and hydrangeas. 

Aren't they pretty? I'd love to take a floral arranging class someday and learn about all of the different flower varieties. What are your favorite flowers? I'd love to hear!